Alcatel 380 Temporis headset compatible telephone


Alcatel Temporis 380 – Headset compatible


 Headset compatible telephone

Alcatel  380 Temporis

With the Alcatel Temporis headset compatible telephone You’ll be seduced by its state-to-the- art and compact design for a minimal footprint.

This easy-to-use phone is fitted with high professional features such as :

-10 direct memory keys to easily call your top contacts,

-the handsfree feature for an efficient call conferencing management,

-the practical headset use thanks to the direct call pickup key in headset mode,

-the visual indicator to be aware at a glance of voice messages presence.

Alcatel Temporis 380 headset compatible telephone features:
  • Handsfree
  • Handsfree volume control (8 levels)
  • Adjustable earpiece volume (4 levels)
  • Direct access key to headset mode
  • Headset port (RJ9)
  • On hook dialing
  • Direct memories (10)
  • Message waiting lamp indicator
  • Incoming call visual indictor
  • Number of ringtones (4)
  • Ringtone volume (3)
  • Redial
  • Mute key
  • Direct access key to telecom provider services (R, #, *)