Gigaset A540IP Cordless telephone



Gigaset 540IP Cordless telephone

The Gigaset 540IP cordless telephone- this is a VOIP cordless handset dual line phone-use the internet (fibre, ADSL or LTe) or your landline to make calls. You can add another 3 Gigaset A540 H to this base, a maximum of 4 handsets


20 Ringer melodies polyphonic sounds
Adjustable handset volume


Convenience – phoning essentials
50 m indoor range and 300 m outdoor range
290 hr Standby time and 23 hrs talk time
Phonebook and150 address book
Phonebook transfer via DECT and LAN
10 Last dialed
Automatic dialing of operator prefix
Direct dial
Automatic redial function in handset
Date reminder function and alarm call

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